Giving you capacity to optimise your assets

Orchestrating operations and maintenance for your assets can be demanding and time-consuming – numerous subcontractors to coordinate, sub-par project execution and inadequate reporting, are just some of the challenges that you may face.

We want to lead the way in optimising this process, providing you with reduced asset downtime, better value for money, fewer contractual interfaces and improved awareness of the condition of your asset. We do this through our Smart. Simple. Safe work philosophy.

  • Smart

    Intelligent approach to work, bundling services where it will maximise value for you. Utilising and developing the newest enabling technology.

  • Simple

    Instant overview of works and interactive reporting through our web-based platform.

  • Safe

    Safety is the most important principle guiding all of our work, as expressed in our project design, risk assessments, execution and decades of practical experience.

Our holistic approach to value chain management ensures a smoother, easier process for you at every stage

  • Client Needs

    We work with you to gain a solid understanding of your asset and requirements

  • Project Execution

    Our team, management approach, safe processes, and use of technology, ensure we get it right, the first time, every time

  • Package Design

    Your package will be tailored to your exact needs, with a focus on optimising value

  • Smart Reporting

    We give you quick, easy access to meaningful information about your assets

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What we do

Smart, simple, safe operations and maintenance solutions, with a core focus on subsea works.

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Without a full understanding of integrity issues, you can often end up facing significant periods of asset down-time, alongside considerable remediation costs. Furthermore, legacy construction and design issues on WTG foundations are considerable cause for concern.

Detailed inspection campaigns can provide you with the meaningful analysis to design targeted engineering solutions which help ensure long term asset integrity. We can conduct these detailed inspections on all aspects of subsea foundations including WTG and offshore platform foundations, subsea cables, UXO as well as undertake seabed surveys. We offer recurring inspection, survey and remediation of associated risks, including cable protection, scour prevention and subsea foundations (internal and external).

To make the campaign as straightforward and efficient for you as possible, we will provide an overview of the asset condition and quick access to meaningful information through our web-based data portal. We are also continuously exploring new technology for monitoring, inspecting and reporting on asset condition and carry out our projects using proven equipment.


As the main material used in offshore structures, steel represents a key competency of our offering. Strengthening, modification, and repair of secondary steel ensures fitness for purpose and safe continuous operations.

Together with our partners, we offer expert services for all kinds of offshore wind substructures and substations. The range of services cover all project phases and span from consultancy during planning, through to dismantling with a primary focus on the operating phase.

Our core expertise is within recurring inspections, modification and maintenance work as well as various steel related expert examinations. In cases of damage, we can carry out the full range of work from preparation of expert reports, repair work of the steel component, to restoration of surface protection.

With a full understanding of steel requirements for offshore wind structures, we are the competent partner for all topics of steel construction and welding technology in every phase of the lifecycle of your asset.


Corrosion is emerging as a significant challenge in the offshore renewable industry. Most assets have only been operating in the harsh offshore conditions for a relatively short amount of time, when compared to other industries. Despite the scale of the problems and associated costs yet to be fully understood, we have seen that the corrosive effect of the environment is often very different from that originally assumed in the design specification. Without adequate planning in the beginning of a project or correct deployment, corrosion can be a key driver of operation a maintenance cost.

Expert monitoring and inspections, validating not only the operation of your cathodic protection system but also the adequate protection of your structure, can improve inspection frequency in the long run. Independent of the specific system deployed, our experience shows that each have their own benefits and drawbacks, but that close assessment, monitoring and regular maintenance is required to provide effective protection.

Together with our expert partner, we can offer independent, industry-leading engineering assessments of the current system at hand, deliver remediation tasks and suggest improvements to the technology and operation. We have a strong track record of monitoring and maintaining systems to a degree which doesn’t just fulfil the technical requirements on paper but provides actual safeguarding of your assets.


We recognise that cables are a vital and challenging component of offshore wind, with failures in cable integrity and stability representing key drivers of revenue loss for asset owners.

Installation of cables requires auxiliary services which ensure efficient deployment, while inspections should be carried out throughout the life cycle of the cable to mitigate risk and ensure control. We offer recurring inspection, survey and remediation services, including cable protection, scour prevention and recoveries. We also provide enabling services for cable laying, including UXO and boulder clearance, pull-ins and landings.

We want you to feel assured of your asset condition throughout its lifetime and that related work is being carried out using the most efficient method and tools available. We are therefore continuously exploring new technology for monitoring, inspecting and reporting on cable integrity and carry out auxiliary subsea remediation works using the proven equipment.

BoP Special Projects

As offshore wind power has evolved and matured on its journey to delivering valuable renewable energy, assets are aging and maintenance costs increasing accordingly. As well as being costly, maintenance of balance of plant assets can also be complex, with numerous vessels and subcontractor engagement.

We want to help you minimise this expenditure, allowing you to leverage the gains of levelized cost of energy, and simplify the complexities of your maintenance operation. We do this by supporting you with your essential long-term maintenance strategy, in conjunction with an optimised approach to contracting and operations.

We can offer smart, simple and safe bundled services, such as topside inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR), enabling an integrated contractor model with reduced interfaces. Our offering is enhanced by providing status and reporting via an online portal designed to suit your wind farm and requirements, during project delivery.

What makes us different

We are a full-scope project manager, with the engineering expertise to fully execute your tailored package to the highest standards. We provide you with reduced asset downtime, better value for money, fewer contractual interfaces and improved awareness of the condition of your asset. We achieve this through our work philosophy and holistic approach.